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Sunday, 20 May 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #18

Evening lovelies, hope your well - I'm currently very chilled out nursing my poor shin splints after a very long walk today :(

- Two weeks until half term :) I can't wait for my week off, I really need just a few days to get back on top of things with school.

- A few good hauls this week that I'm in the process of writing up, I love having a bit of extra money to treat myself for once.

- Minbin is nearly all fixed, she's been in the garage twice this week to get set up so that she doesn't sound awful and runs smoothly.

- Yesterday we went to look around a new flat. We're hoping that the new development will be completed by the summer next year which gives us some extra time to save up the deposit for our own place. We have enough to pay half the deposit so could reserve a place now - can't wait to start house shopping!

- I'm nearly at 200 followers on blogger, hellocotton and bloglovin, so I'm planning 3 small giveaways to say thank you - just need to decide what to buy and when!


- It's looking like our HMI visit at school could be anytime in the next two weeks, this means lots of added stress :( Just need to make sure I'm fully prepared and my boards and books are up to date.

- When will we get some summer?

Its been quite a nice week this week, although I've taken a step back from the blog and twitter to try and focus on school. I'm trying to get lots of posts written up over the weekend for a few guest posts as well as to get myself ahead so that I don't have to worry about the blog as much as I do.

How was your week? xx
1) So much product left in there, 
2) I shouldn't be left on my own for very long, 
3) I'm sure June needs a capital letter, 
) One of my favourite words - Summer, although cockles is pretty funny!

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  1. LOL @ June needs a capital letter. Everyone is getting lazy! ;) xo


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