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Skimlinks Test

Sunday, 20 May 2012

Rate my design

Step aside Jimmy Choo, its time to retire Christian Louboutin, there's a new shoe designer in town...ME...

...Ok so I joke, I'm not really about to take over the world of shoes, but I have designed a shoe that could be made into an actual shoe for every to buy! is currently running a competition to have your own shoe design made into an actual shoe which could be sold! Now I'm a shoe addict, I have far to many shoes, so many that I even have some hidden away so the boy doesn't find them (oops)

However I'm always on the hunt for a specific shoe that I can never find so how could I pass up the opportunity to design it!

So I would like to unveil my very own shoe!
My designed shoe on NELLY.COM
Help me to win, vote on my design here!

If you fancy the chance to have your own shoe design made into an actual shoe then click on the link above, vote for me and then design your own. You could win:
- £2000 to spend at
- Exclusive Goodybag
- Chance to have your shoe design sold

And if that wasnt enough, you also get a £5 gift voucher just for entering, I've already spent mine!

If you enter, link me with your designs! xx

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