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Sunday, 1 March 2015

I'm Engaged!!!!!!

So this is kinda old news now, infact its been 3 weeks since it happened but it has taken me this long to actually process it and not feel silly when I tell people.

On Friday 6th February my wonderful boy got down on one knee in our little home and asked me to marry him. To me it was the most perfect and surreal moment I've ever been in, not the great, over the top proposal that some people love but the kind that shows he knows me and knows I wouldn't have wanted that.

To me, the most romantic part was that the week before he had managed to visit my parents to ask their permission - no mean feat considering we live over 100miles apart! 

Now the exciting part can start, actually planning the wedding! I don't quite know what to do or how to go about all of this, so I'm looking for wedding blogs or wedding posts, please leave links in the comments below.

Sarah xx


  1. What a beautiful ring!! Congratulations lovely!!! Welcome to the bride to be club ;) I'm getting over my head with ideas right now, I don't think the other half is appreciating my constant questions and ideas :p My one tip for you is to make a wedding pinterest board! I've made so many and add to them whenever I see something I like. Hoping to start doing a few blog posts soon! :)


  2. Aw congratulations and good luck with planning your wedding x

  3. congratulations!! The way I want my other half to propose. In private and when I least expect it hehe xx


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