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Friday, 19 April 2013

Veet In Shower Hair Removal Cream - Review

Hair removal isn't something I normally discuss - we all have to do it but its something that is normally saved for in the bathroom only, but with summer hopefully on its way it's time to start thinking about it.

For years we have been told we must remove the hair, been given lots of different methods, some that are easy, others that look and feel like methods of torture. For me I've tried most, being a swimmer & dancer for many years meant it was need more then anything, but I always stuck to a good old razor.

I've dabbled with waxing, epilating and threading, but always gone back to a razor. Sick of having to keep it up I picked up some Veet in Shower Hair Removal cream. I wanted something that would get rid for longer then a day and had read some good reviews.

You get the tube & a sponge to apply. The instructions are a little odd, you have to apply this before you get in the shower - for something that is advertised & named In Shower you can't get it wet for the first three minutes!

Instead of jumping in the shower, I left it on for 5mins and then wasted it off, scrubbing with the scrubby side of the sponge. My first attempt left me with some really good results - the front and most of my legs were nice and smooth, but the back was just shorter and fuzzy still and needed shaving. A week later and the front just started to get fuzzy so I tried again with the same results - it's very odd!

I got 4 uses out of the bottle just doing my lower leg, it's pricey at nearly £7 so I might save this for more of a summer thing, but it's good, just need to work on my technique!

Have you ever used this? Any tips for improving my technique?


  1. Love all the products from veet! great review :)

  2. I just wish they smelt nicer xx

  3. I think it depends on your hair type because (unfortunately) I have thick hair that grows back SO fast it's ridiculous. I've tried to use Veet instead of shaving but it just doesn't last as long as I would like it to! Saying that I think the purple packaging one is the best they do. Now following your blog :) I'm a student primary teacher so it's nice to see a beauty blogger teacher too!

    1. I agree - i seem to have to use this twice a week to get a decent result!

      Woohoo, more teacher bloggers! xx


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