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Wednesday, 17 April 2013

Wobble Less Wednesday -Update #1

4 weeks have passed since I started this journey, with only 14 weeks to go until the summer holidays,I thought I would do my first update.

- I'm making better choices, eating a higher protein based diet but still following Weight Watchers. I also prefer to eat my biggest meal at the start of the day and then get smaller so a typical day will look like this
Breakfast - Weetabix with skimmed milk, 1slice rye bread toast & one boiled egg mashed in a cup. (7ppts)
Break time - Snack box(Graze) or fruit (4ppts)
Lunch - Protein & Pitta & Salad, yoghurt, fruit (5ppts)
After school - 40g portion of Sugar Free Muesli & skimmed milk (5ppts)
Dinner - 6ppt meal

I'm meant to get 32ppts a day but struggle to eat all that usually sitting around 27/28 plus I also usually earn between 8 & 13 activity points a night when I go to the gym! If I'm gymming it then I will also always have a protein shake after to help with recovery as I do some weight training.

- I've upped my routine to 3 60min spinning sessions a week, 2 60min dance classes a week, plus following the Blogilates monthly workout plan and videos on YouTube. I'm noticing a difference in my fitness, although I need to do some more stretching as I'm ending up a bit crunchy and sore at the moment.

- I've lost nearly 7lbs as of now, I would have liked more but it's the measurements I'm more interested in.
- I've lost 2inch from my waist, 1inch from my thighs, 1inch from my bum and 1inch from my hips. I have noticed that my trousers are seeming a bit looser, but not quite down into a 14.
- People have commented that my face seems thinner, nearly laughed at the girl on the MAC counter when she was showing me how to contour she said I had a slim face & good cheekbones - I can't see it myself but maybe I'm losing the pudding face.

- Keep going! I'm still taking weekly pictures so will carry on with these.
- Up my water in take, my skin is in desperate need :(
- Add a core class to my routine - I'm looking at meta fit at the moment.

So, how have you been doing? Are their any posts you want to see in this series? Xx


  1. Very good post...I like your blog.^^
    Maybe follow each other on bloglovin???
    Let me know follow you then back.
    Lovely greets Nessa

  2. You're doing amazingly ahhh!! I defo recommend a core class - I started Cx Worx a year ago now and saw a massive difference compared to everything else I was doing, I do a few different core ones now and they have the biggest impact I think :)
    Massive well done to you :D you should feel amazing!!!

    1. thanks lovely - i did a core class on thursday and OMG it seriously hurts! xx


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