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Monday, 29 April 2013

30 Ways to Save £1

Never one to miss out on a bandwagon, I thought I would join in with the Money Super Market ways to save £1. I'll try and keep it short and sweet but I've got a few ideas:


1. Switch off Air-Conditioning - now its warmer, open the windows, switch off air-con/the fan and share your love of cheesy music with the world!

2. Clear out the boot - do you really need to carry around 10 extra pairs of shoes, handbags and general rubbish - clear it out to save fuel.

3. Car share if you can 

4. Get the bus or train - its fun plus you might get entry discounts to some top attractions if you travel by train! Check here to see if you can find some

5. Check your car over, top up the water and oil to help the car run well, using less fuel.


6. When you shop on line, use cashback sights like Quidco to get cash back - if you use the Quidco app you can 'check in' at stores in town and when you shop using the card you registered you earn cash back

7. Ebay - Nuff Said :)

8. When online shopping, stick it in the basket and leave it for a few weeks. If you still want it a month later then buy it, you never know, it might have dropped in price!

9. Check out supermarket clothing brands, they often have good dupes for high street/high fashion clothing - Tesco and Asda are awesome for print trousers at the moment!

10. When food shopping, plan your meal out for two weeks. Make a list and stick to it! Helps budget and the waistline.

11. Find a local market, buy on a Saturday morning and get your meet, veg, fruit and fresh bread for two weeks, you may spend £30 but its great quality and better value.


12. Boots points are a godsend!

13. Buy cotton wool from the baby section in supermarkets - you can get the little cotton balls and unroll them to make pads, but they cost half the price!

14. Wash your makeup brushes using baby shampoo - you will use less make up and so save on that and your skin will thank you!

15. That lipstick might be too bright/matte but melt it over a little hot water in a bowl and mix with a vaseline for a tinted lip balm in a more subtle colour.

16. Bright Eyeshadows might work better as a liner, use a wet brush to slick it on! 

17. Mix that too dark foundation with a moisturiser and you've got a summer appropriate tinted moisturiser!


18. Make your own snacks - make a batch of popcorn on a Sunday and spilt it up into 100g bags for the week - easy to throw into your bag every morning.

19. Pack your own lunch, your in control of what you put into your body then.

20. Invest in a large water bottle - you can use it at the gym, in the car, at work, save money on buying bottled water.

21. Sign up to Lovefilm/ Netflix then you can enjoy films in your own homes for a fraction of the price.

22. Switch off the phone charger when your not using it still draws a crazy amount of power.

23. Also switch off the TV at the wall or anything with a clock, do you really need your oven to tell you the time!?

24. Charge things or use the washing machine over night - check if your on a cheaper rate first

25. Now its getting warm, don't be lazy and hang that washing out in the sun, air dried washing is ten times better.

26. Digital Subscriptions to magazines tend to work out cheaper then the paper copy, especially weekly issues (Look is £1.80 per issue, that's £7.20 per 4 issues, but is only £5.99 a month for the digital issue)

27. Want something new - write it on a piece of paper and pop in into your money box. If you throw in your loose change each week then you will see it build up and you might just save enough.

28. Have a money box for a certain coin type - my Nanan saves £2 and 50p coins, every time she gets one she saves them and when she gets £20 she puts them into a saving pot. I did this with £1 and saved £20 really quickly.

29. Have a night in party with your friends, bring on your 5 fave nail polishes and have a pamper party - you will get a free manicure and had a girly night.

30. Instead of buying take away or easy kits, make your own - its cheaper and healthier!

So there are all my tips, if you have any other tips then let me know.If you have done a post like this then link me up or if you fancy entering yourself then here are the details 

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  1. Great tips hun, I love ebay lol. I nominated you for an award on my blog, xoxo.


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