Skimlinks Test
Skimlinks Test

Thursday, 11 April 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

So I always see these on other people's blogs and loved reading them and then I find that I've been nominated by the lovely Jenny from JennyPeaowl

So the rules:

1. Thank the person who nominated you. Thank you Jenny :)

2. Include a link to their blog. - go and check it out!! -

3. Tell the person who nominated you 7 things about yourself.
- Here goes

1. If I wasn't a teacher, I would be a mechanic

2. I can do the splits - comes from years of dance & Kung Fu training!

3. I can put on quite a few accents, I'm good at mimicking others, although this does get me in to trouble when people think I'm being cheeky!

4. I'm scared of helter skelter slides - I had an accident on one when I was 9 and I can't stand them now!

5. My boyfriend calls my nail polish obsession a 'hobby'. It's how he justifies to himself when rather large collection!

6. I once had my hair so long that I could sit on it!

7. When I was little, my & my sister would pretend we were from Disney films and I would sing 'A whole new world' at family BBQs.

Finally, I have to pick 10 lovely bloggers I follow and share their links so here goes:

- Jemima&ted
- Blue October
- Bamboozle Beauty Blog
- Chloe Ryan Makeup
- Laddered Tights
- Makeup for the Inept
- Misse Blog
- Try My Hand- Twenty One
- Cupcakes & Converse 

Have you been linked?! 


  1. I used to be able to sit on my hair too haha...those were the days :(

    I've tagged you in my latest blog post btw, here is a link :)

  2. I only just saw this! Great facts :) xx


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