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Thursday, 4 April 2013

Spending Ban - It's a start

I must admit, I look at my 'collection' sometimes and wonder "do I really need all this?" I have a lot of make up and clothes, some of which are hardly used, others which have never been worn, or worn once and never again.

I then look at my bank balance each week and think how wasteful I am - the odd £10 in Boots add up to quite a lot over time and really I only have one face. Coupled with that, the boy and I are desperately trying to get enough together to put a deposit on our dream home, we've spotted a couple and would love to own rather then throw away £900 a month on someone else's mortgage.

So from today (Friday 5th April) until the 5th of July, I am on a spending ban.
Terms & Conditions of the spending ban
- only essential beauty items will be purchased (deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothpaste) if there are non available in the stash.
- nail polish does not count as essential!!!
- clothing is not needed
- the makeup stash will continue to be 'shaken' each week as blogged on a Sunday.
- samples will be used and reviewed in a post (hopefully)
- All loose change will be collected and saved, no more dumping pennies!
- withdraw £50 on a Monday and it MUST cover everything until the following Monday, any left overs will be stashed on the piggy bank, not spent!!

Coupled with this, I'm also in the process of a massive clear out of my wardrobe and drawers - so an ebaying session will commence soon. I have far too many unloved shoes and clothes - will link them on here :)

So from now on, if you see me in a shop, lusting over Nailpolish, or just generally wasting money then you have permission to slap me! I would love any money saving tips you have, so let me know, or if you want me to do a half way update or any other posts then let me know!!

Are you saving at the moment?!

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  1. OOh I want to do this but ti scares me lol xx

  2. I was reorganizing my blue nail polishes today as I found more storage and was thinking the same thing, "Do I really need all this?" I have more polish than I can wear in several years and I have run out of storage space. Yesterdays polish haul and today's reorganization to fit them all in proved that. (And we won't even talk about hair products or make up) Aaaack! What's a polish hoarder/wish list maker/compulsive shopper to do? So I am going to join you. Acetone Anonymus. Is there a 12 step program for this?

    1. I'm still working on the twelve steps recovery program - hoping that going cold turkey will help a bit as nothing like a short, sharp shock to clear the system!!

      Will keep you up to date with out first meeting! :D xx

  3. Lovely blog! New follower here, you can check out my blog and follow back on GFC or Bloglovin' if you wish(:


  4. Haha I applaud you for doing this!!
    I'm having a problem you may have a bit further down the and my boy got our hands on a rather nice mortgage/cute little house about a year ago, (go us haha!) and my problem is now merely that I have nothing left to blog about, and no money to buy the extra make-up and clothes that both me and my blog need haha...

    I have a tiny monthly budget to get what I need and want monthly, but sadly I've bought only 1 top, 1 pair of leggings, and necessary (but bloggable) make-up since Christmas...bad times :(

    Might stick to wishlists for a bit haha.

    P.S do not be at all put off by this - its totally worth getting a house!!!!!!

    1. I know the feeling already about the lack of money - I'm thinking that a lot of virtual hauling will take place, as well as some more recipie posts!

      At some point I hope to learn to live on my meagre budget, who knows!! Xx

  5. Good luck! I did one of these a while back and trust me they work, have spent hardly anything since this :) Look forward to hearing how you get on :) Just followed :D xo


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