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Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesday - 15 snack ideas

I'm awful when it comes to my food choices. I will happily eat 6 packets of crisps in a row and forget. My snacking choices have never been my strong point, so I need to get myself together and sort this out. I love snacks, for me I need snacks that can get mee from breakfast until lunch without keeling over in the middle of a lesson - so I need complex carbs and a hit of protein if possible.

I raided my kitchen cupboards for everything a list of things that wasn't a great choice and then wrote a list of what I needed  to get to grips with this healthy eating and thought I would share what I plan.

- Popcorn - make up a large batch on a sunday and then share into bags for the week ahead. 25g is the perfect amount & then sprinkle with a topping of your choice - I like either salt & pepper, cinnamon or even a sprinkle of chocolate powder.
- Banana
- Apples
- Graze box - for under £4 a week you get 4 boxes of balanced yumminess - why not try a free box with my code! XTP1TH5D
- Frubes (yummy!)
- Cheese Strings
- Boiled Eggs
- Avocado & ham on Melba toast
- Cucumber & Guacamole
- Weight Watchers Crisps - pick up the big packets from Poundland!
- Hummus & Wholemeal pitta
- Dark Chocolate
- Cadbury Fudge bar (3WW pro points)
- Peanut butter & a crumpet
- Mixed nuts - buy them from here

I try to makesure I have all of these in the flat or at work so that I can just grab and go when I need it without worrying I'm eating too much - plus the more I exercise, the more fuel I need to maintain what I've achieved so far!

So those are just some of the snacks I have in the flat - what sorts of things do you grab to help you! 


  1. Ooooh I am craving Dark Chocolate now! Always wondering what i can eat that isn't full of sugar - love Beef Jerky for a snack and high in protein too!

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    1. I've never tried Beef Jerky - its a bit of a scary colour!!


  2. Babybels are great and only 40 calories for the Light ones but my absolute saviour in the snack department is sugar free jelly! 3 calories per pot and it really satisfies my sweet cravings!

    1. I forgot about Jelly!!! I tend to make my own with some fruit at the bottom and take it it work in portions - love it, reminds me of being a kid. xx

  3. I love the M&S sweet and salty popcorn and the small packets are only 75 calories each! Also the chocolate chip snack a jacks are a great alternative for dessert x

    1. I've never tried the sweet flavoured snack a jacks - might have to try them! xx

  4. Great suggestions... Cucumber and guacamole sounds interesting, definitely have to give that a try!
    I love apples with natural peanut butter. Or greek yoghurt with a tiny bit of honey or agave with some natural peanut butter. Yes, I like peanut butter!

    Ekaete x

  5. Meridian Peanut butter is amazing, it's 100% peanuts no sugar, salt or palm oil so loads better for you. They also do Cashew nut butter, Almond butter and Hazlenut butter - all equally amazing. It's awesome as an extra energy burst in your protein shake or in Quinoa porridge which is another amazing snack which is very high in protein, very low in carbs and very good for you!


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