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Monday, 8 April 2013

LOreal Colour Nail Topcoat in Confetti - Review

If there ever was a polish that was hard to find then this up there with the best of them. L'Oreal Topcoat in Confetti is one that is doing the rounds on the beauty circuit and for good reason!

Made up of large hexagonal black & white pieces of glitter as well as smaller white & black, its the perfect way to get the speckled nails, inspired by the Illamasqua polishes from their I'mperfection collection for a fraction of the price!

Easy to apply over any colour, the pieces are suspended in a clear polish and the glitter can be easily places, as well as building it up to create a gradient effect.I love the little bottle as well as the shape of the brush

for only £4.99, this really is a must if you can grab it! 

What do you think of it - have you found it? What do you think of the speckled nail trends?


  1. This looks lovely...
    I'm yet to do speckled nails, definitely something to try for Spring!

    Ekaete x

  2. I love the look of this! Every time I go to buy it, it's out of stock! xx

  3. Lovely! gonna buy this soon :D

    xoxo Jeeshan

  4. I want this topcoat so bad! I haven't been able to find it anywhere :( x


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