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Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesday - The Power of Protein

Hands up if you like milk shake? What about a shake that helps aid recovery as well as supporting weightloss and promoting lean muscle development?!

Protein shakes are becoming a staple in most people's gym routines, I adore getting home and having an ice cold shake! I used to buy Maxitone but its just so damn expensive (£25 for 14 servings!), plus you only get the choice of 3 flavours, so I went on the hunt for more choice at a lower price.

The Protein Works have produced what I need! They have a range of different products, from shakes to pre-workout supplements and everything in between. I picked up the Diet Whey protein as it contains caffeine & green tea as well as a huge chunk of protein.

The Diet way comes in 8 flavours, currently I have the strawberrys'n cream flavour which is really yummy. I picked up the 1kg bag, which comes with a scoop to help measure out.

The packaging is good as its a ziplock bag so doesn't take up the space of a tub, but it keeps it fresh for ages.

I mix 1 scoop (it advises 2 but I find it a tad chalky) with 350ml of skimmed or 1% milk and shake until smooth. It tastes really good, plus I'm getting a good dose of calcium as well.

I paid £19.99 for 1kg, which is good because that's 18 serving if you do the two scoops, but one scoop stretches it out further! I've seen great result since starting this 4 weeks ago, my recovery time is shorter, I notice more definition on my things and lower legs plus it tastes really good.

If you fancy giving this, or the other flavours a try then head over to The Protein Works - when you register use my referral code  -  SM6476 to get a free 250g bag when you spend £10.

As an extra, if you fancy stocking up then the products, then get 5% off when you spend £50 - click through here
For now I'm going to go and mix a shake - need to or I can't walk! Do you use a protein shake? What's your favourite flavour?


  1. Yum! I just had a chocolate protein shake with fresh strawberries, and cottage cheese to make it thick and creamy (plus give it extra protein!) 250 calories and 41 grams of protein!

  2. I love protein shakes!!

    xx Jeeshan

  3. Without a doubt PHD diet whey. Its incredibly high quality whey with CLA's and green tea extract. I take it with extreme nutrition glutamine complex which I find absolutely paramount to my workout - have a Google and see what you think, I take 5 post workout and never have to sit a day out at the gym due to doms! :)
    Ps. Great blog! :))


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