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Monday, 4 February 2013

January Round Up

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So, I thought I would start a new series on here as I'm awful at writing weekly updates, some weeks there's nothing exciting to report, but it's easier to round up a full month and I can add more bits to it.
What I've been up to: January is my favourite month, and it's been quite busy!
Started the month off at home, celebrating New Years at home with the family playing drinking Just Dance until 3 in the morning, I get far too competitive and threw a bit of a strop when my brother best me!!
Next up was my birthday which involved the weekend before again at my parents being spoilt and then again on my actual birthday - you can see my post about it here.
A busy month at school, the 4 weeks have flown, but it's nice being back with my children , they really are the reason I go to work every day, just some of the comments they come out with are priceless! Best bit was spending time with them out in the snow, we made so many snow men!
Finally, finishing off with a quick trip home to help my dad out at a car show, being surrounded by Mini's, just wish we could have taken mine but I didn't want to risk it with the weather, she is my baby.
What I've been watching:
Les Miserable was awesome, I had high hopes as I love the musical and know every word to On My Own, so was glad to see it done really well.
Mr Selfridge has to be my current favourite TV program, I never got into Downton Abbey but this I really like, a great story.
This video on YouTube makes me want a Pug even more, me and the boy have nearly learnt all the words and it get stuck in your head really easily. -
Listening To:
Ellie Goulding - Halcyon
Jake Bugg - Jake Bugg
Goals for next months:
Keep going to the gym - currently at 3hours a week - want to add an extra hour plus an hour at home.
Go somewhere in half term - one night will do.
De-clutter the spare bedroom - a menial task I must do at some point but just can't be bothered but we need the space in our little flat!
So there was my month - how was your?
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  1. So heartbroken that I couldn't take my class out in the snow I do know why we have such rules but </3 they would've loved it! Congrats on the gym time, definitely need to give myself a kick up the ass in that department!



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