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Friday, 22 February 2013

Treacle Moon - Warm Cinnamon Nights - Review

Ok, so spring has teased us this week, but the evenings are very much still winter, so I've used this as an excuse to have a bath to warm up.

Treacle Moon is a brand I've seen featured on other blogs so many times, yet never stopped to pick up in Tesco. However I saw this, smelt it and fell in love - I adore cinnamon.

Warm Cinnamon Nights is a bath and shower gel, which leaves loads of bubbles in the bath - what could be better! The cinnamon is lovely and warming, whilst not overpowering as there is a touch of orange in it.

This super huge bottle was a grand total of £2.99 - however online it is currently £1.99, and this 500ml will last for ages! 

I think I need to check out some others from the range - any suggestions? xx


  1. That looks so cool! Do they do any other scents because I don't like cinnamon. I think you should pick up some other things from the range! Please check out my blog thanks

  2. They do loads, I think my next one will be their mango one as that smells awesome!! Xx


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