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Saturday, 23 February 2013

SS '13 Nails - Tracey Rees Contrasting Half Triangles

Damn snow - I'm desperate to start warming up and getting the spring clothes back out, but the weather has other ideas so instead, SS'13 will have to start on my nails. 

One trend that has been around a while has been half moons painted in a contrasting colour. It's not a trend I mastered, but  this one twist is something I can do!

In the March Company magazine were a number of easy nail trend tutorials, and one that I liked was the Tracy Reese Half Triangles. I quick google found lots of images for inspiration.

I love the two colours, especially the yellow and orange. 

For mine, I chose very contrasting colours with a gold and blue in the forms of Essie's Beyond Cosy and Where's my Chauffeur? from their Winter 2012 collection.

I love the contrast of colours and texture - cheats Nails Inc Concrete polish maybe? I'm already thinking of different colour combinations to try out, any suggestions welcome!

What do you think, a nail trend you will try - link me up in the comments if you do! xx


  1. I wish I had the patience :). Found your blog via #bbloggers xx

  2. This was so easy!! Doesn't take very long either xxx

  3. Ohh! I may have to try this. What did you use to make the triangles?

    Roxy's Box of Tricks  

  4. It was really easy - I painted a base of the gold and let that dry and then with the blue painted diagonally from the base to the top on both sides leaving a triangle in the middle and then painted in the rest - it was super easy! Xx


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