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Monday, 18 February 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum Express Mascara - Review

Whenever Maybelline release a new mascara I'm always first in the que to pick one up - I adore the brushes and the formula every time!

So I headed off to Booths and picked up The Rocket. Dressed in Maybelline's signature sleek packaging, the colour pops of blue and coral remind you that spring is on its way.

The formula is quite a wet formula, making it easy to spread through the lashes, but it does dry very quickly which is good. It is a really good black that adds length and volume to my lashes, giving my beloved Benefit They're Real a run for its money. I don't have naturally thick, curly lashes but this did help open my eyes a lot and help the curl when I used curlers.

For me, the most important bit is the brush - without a good brush then a mascara is soon discarded. Comparing it to the Benefit brush, this one is very good. A plastic, short bristle wand helps to comb the product through lashes, getting all the way to the roots. I found that I could build layers quickly without smudging this onto my eyelids, and even do my lower lash line as well! I did miss the addition of the little spiky ball that Benefit have but I could live without.

This lasted all day with no flaking which was great as I often end up as a panda at some point. Removal was easy both with a baby wipe or Bioderma.

This is one mascara that would make a great, low cost dupe for Benefit's They're Real mascara as its only £7.99 plus if you hurry, you can pick it up for £5.99 either I store or online at Boots.

Have you tried The Rocket Yet? Do you agree that the wand is just as important as a good formula or not? Xx


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  2. I havent tried this but it sounds good! I like my Mascara- makes such a difference to my eyes! Thanks for the link! xx

  3. Right, I'm off to Boots, I need this mascara!

    Have a beautiful day



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