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Wednesday, 13 February 2013

31 Random Facts about me!

Not one to er miss out on a passing bandwagon, I've jumped aboard, and whether you want to know them or not, here are 30 facts all about me! 

1) I'm 5ft 9inchs tall, making me the tall one in my group of friends but I still wear the highest heels.

2) I love star tattoos - I have two of my own and I'm currently designing my third for on my foot.

3) I was born with white blonde hair, but as I got older it started to look like really awful highlights.

4) I love to dance. I started ballet, tap and jazz when I was 3 and carried on until I was 16 - I adored it so much but quit when I was told I was too fat to be a ballerina.

5) Even though my brother is nearly 18, I still call him by his nickname that he was given when he was 3 - I won't embarrass him by telling you it!

6) I have a fear of helter skelter slides after tearing the ligaments off my knee cap when I was 10.

7) The boy and I adore the Formula 1, we watch every race together, although I draw the line with wearing a sombrero (don't ask!)

8) I'm left handed, but I use a knife and fork like right handers, as well as a computer mouse.

9) I have a real weakness for crisps - I adore them, and can't stop eating them once I get going. 

10) My favourite colour is purple - can you tell?!

11) We have a hamster, she is called Oreo due to her colouring but she is never called Oreo, we call her Mouse mainly.

12) My favourite animals are bears and monkeys.

13) My earliest memory of wearing make up was a bright blue eyeshadow we used to have to wear when I did dance shows from aged 4 - its was awful!

14) I once had my hair cut from waist length to just below my shoulders by accident - I cried for a month!

15) I have been wearing contact lenses since I was 15, and up until recently I never wore my glasses.

16) I lived in Germany for a year as my dad was in the RAF. 

17) I can mimic most people accents, and I often pick them up.

18) For years I would never eat beef except mince for some strange reason.

19) I have helped deliver lambs into the world.

20) I can drive a tractor, my uncle used to let us drive his in the fields

21) I love trashy TV - it started with The Hills and progressed with every trashy program under the sun - Toddlers & Tiaras anyone?!

22) I hate fruit! Dried fruit really is the devil incarnate as far as I'm concerned.

23) I adore classic cars over modern cars.

24) I have a green belt in Kung Fu.

25) I've got 5 piercings in my ears - 3 in one side and 2 in the other - and I rarely wear matching sets.

26) I hate cut flowers, I love the idea of getting them but hate them so would rather not have them.

27) My favourite place to visit is Portstewart in Northern Ireland. I spent a lot of my childhood there visiting family.

28) I wanted to be a mechanic when I was younger

29) My sister and I used to put on performances for our family, and I would always sing 'A whole new world' from Aladdin.

30) I want to do a sky dive one day.

31) I love fancy dress - any excuse!!!

So there are some random facts about me - I love being nosey and getting to know everyone so link me up if you do one of these posts! 

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  1. It seems many people go through the wearing-bright-blue-make-up phase, haha, I remember I used to have a bright blue lipstick which had blue glitter in!

    Oh, and I've got my 'facts about me' post scheduled for Friday :)



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