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Friday, 15 February 2013

NOTD - Barry M Amethyst Glitter - Review

I picked up a couple of glitters when I was in Tesco, and this one really caught my eye. Amethyst Glitter is a cooler toned glitter made up of blues, silver and magenta glitters suspended in a clear. For me I love this more then the traditional Silver & Gold glitter purely as it suits my skin tone better.

It builds up quickly in 3 coats without a base colour, and its really easy to work with so you could create all sorts of winter nail art designs with this. This would be awesome layered over black or purple.

I'm loving Barry M at the moment, their glitter range is great and I need some more in my life, any recommendations? Xx


  1. I really love the colours! :) xx

  2. I have the BarryM red sparkle nail polish, I wore it over Christmas. It has to be the most festive nail polish ever!
    Love the colours in this one too, may hve to treat myself once the ban is over
    Zoe x

  3. Hi Lovely!

    This looks so pretty! I have a few Pink shades of Barry M and love them :D

    I’m a new follower via the #bbloggers blog hop and would love you to stop by my blog if you get a chance. I currently have a few reviews; hauls and a hair care post up :)

    India xox The Jewel Beauty Blog |Beauty,Lifestyle & Fashion!


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