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Monday, 25 February 2013

Collections Cover & Go - Review

I love a good multi-tasking product, and Collection has produced a fab little concept in their Cover & Go foundation and concealer. Unfortunately for me, the fab concept is where the love stops

Cover & Go is a low coverage foundation which leaves quite a dewy finish on the skin. It's a nice foundation for quick application, but it can be a tad oily over the day without a setting powder.

Concealed in the lid is a little pot of concealer and a mirror to go with the foundation. It's quite a hard concealer, but applied with fingers or a brush, I find it gives ok coverage, without pulling at the skin. The mirrors a bit naff as you can't see in it very well but the ideas nice.

In terms of how well it lasts, I need to touch up quite a lot on my oily skin, but someone with drier skin might find this better suited. A big negative is that it does start to oxidise on my skin and if anything, it's made my skin oilier from using it - I've had some serious break outs so have stopped using it and they have cleared up!

There are only 6 colours in the range at the moment,I bought natural at first but it was too orange, whilst fair is a tad too pale - make sure you go and try them before if you fancy picking them up.

You can pick these up from Boots for £5.99, which is ok for a lower end foundation - I might try and mix mine with a moisturiser for in the summer.

Have you tried the Cover & Go yet? What do you think of the little mirror? Xx

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  1. The mirror is a good idea but yeah, it is a bit naff if you can't see much in it xx


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