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Wednesday, 30 January 2013

26 Before 26 Books - Jojo Moyes - The Girl You Left Behind

Blogging and reading blogs really makes me neglect my books, so I'm determined to read more as it helps me relax and sleep better, plus I set that as part of my 26 before 26 to read two books a month and review them. So here's my first review:

I picked this up after reading Jojo Moyes previous book ' Me before You' which I loved so I had high hopes.

The Girl You Left Behind is split into two parts, the first in 1917 France during the war and the second in modern day London. It follows how the lives of two women living 100years apart twist and turn and become tangled together. It explores the lengths people go to for love, as well as getting a second chance at love.

What I really liked was how un-stereotypical this is of the usual chick-lit I would pick up. Both women in the story are fighting for something that they love and will do anything to hold onto it, no matter what cost.

This was a nice, easy read that I could happily have read in a weekend if I had the time, and one that I would come back to again - if you fancy reading then I would recommend it, as well as checking out Moyes' previous book as well.

Now to settle down with my next book. Have you read any of Jojo Moyes's books? What did you think? Any book recommendations for me? Xx

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  1. i loved me before you, so i would be sure to give this a go sometime soon! :)

    1. It was awesome - I actually cried at the ending of Me Before You - you will love this! Xx


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