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Sunday, 9 September 2012

17 Blowout Mascara

Afternoon lovelies.

I've gone through a lot of products at the moment and needed a new mascara. So when I popped into Boots to have a look at what was on offer, 17 had a new mascara.

Blow Out mascara claims to offer x12 volume, with a thickening, conditioning formula enriched with Vitamin E & Argan oil. Now I've heard of Argan oil for your hair but never for your eyelashes?!

I must say I was disappointed with this product. I thought that with the big brush, this would actually give my stubby lashes a bit of a boost...sadly not. Instead I was left looking that I had one coat of average mascara, getting no definition or difference.

I picked it up in brown/black for a more natural look, but it's less natural and more naked. To help, I've been layering this underneath my nearly dead Benefit Badgal to give it a boost, and it seems to be working but I won't pick this up again.

If you've had a different experience I would love to know, or have you had th same problem?


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  1. 17 mascaras have never overwhelmed to be honest :/ it definitely looks rather 'meh' lol xx

  2. I've never got on with 17 and their mascaras, they really do lack and smudge like crazy on me!?
    Lucy x


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