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Sunday, 11 March 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #9

Afternoon Lovelies, hope your well and having a nice weekend in the gorgeous weather. This weeks ups and downs we're really easy to write but not so nice to read but please bear with me.


Yesterday we went egg hunting around London. We hunted around the City as well as St James Park and Green Park. it was such a nice thing to do, just wander about and take lots of photos. il do a separate post soon about that.

This week is over, thank God.


The week from hell. This week we've had parents evening which is always two nights. I don't mind parents evening, I just incredibly tired and often lose my voice,especially this year as I'm still fighting off some illness.

As well as parents evening we had to write our reports in pupil progress. To do this we have to do lots of assessments of the children, analyse how much progress they have made and then give reasons for those who haven't. This would be ok if I didn't have to do two reports, each being 12 pages long, plus we were told Friday that it needed to be completed by wednesday, and we had to test and mark the reading papers. It was all too much and by Monday night I was ready to quit.

Added to all the above we also have to keep teaching with the knowledge that we have observations again this week, so my life seems to revolve around school at the moment which I hate, I actually have no life outside of school!

As a result of all the above I have not made into the gym once, instead eating my way through my stress, which means I've gained some of the weight I had lost :(

So there you have it, me week from hell, but there is light at the end of the tunnel, although at this moment the tunnel is very long.

How has your week been? Thanks for reading xx

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  1. Oh god and i thought just having parents evening last week was bad enough! It seems pointless to write reports and have parents evening!


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