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Friday, 23 March 2012

NOTD - Calvin Klein TuTu

Evening lovelies, finally its Friday!! The sun has been gorgeous today, so lucky to spend the afternoon outside doing PE.

I often pick nail polish that reflects my mood, and this one is no exception. Things have been quite stressful recently and so my inner emo picked this one out.

I love a good Vampy colour, I do have a large collection of them. I picked this one up at an outlet store in Spalding the last time I was at home in Lincoln. I didn't even know Calvin Klein did a range of nail polish but this was one that sparkled in my hands the moment I picked it up.

Tutu reminded me of a black tutu I used to own when I was younger with the black netting with tiny gold sequins that would sparkle under stage lights. I had high hopes for this polish.

Sadly it didn't live up to these high hopes. TuTu turned out to be quite a sheer and needed quite a few layers. 

The glitter in the polish doesn't sparkle as I wanted it to, instead it leaves the polish with a gritty feeling. Also the polish didn't wear very well, I had tip wear within 12 hours (7 of those I spend that asleep)  and this gradually got worse over the day. I battle with this for one more day and then had to remove it.

I really wanted this polish to be as gorgeous as it looks in the bottle, but sadly it isn't. For £1.50 I can't really complain, had this been more then I would have!

So what do you think? A waste of a polish or something that I need to try again?!

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