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Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Maybelline 24hr Colour Stay Tattoo - Swatches/Review

Afternoon lovelies, hope your out enjoying the weather, hasn't it been gorgeous?

I know there are a lot of posts floating about at the moment but I wanted to add my own review. I had heard the hype about the 24hr Colour Tattoos from Maybelline, but wasn't sure they were something for me. I wanted to wait until more reviews came out and I had been paid. Then I stumbled accross this post over on cityscape-bliss about using Permenent Taupe as an eyebrow gel, that was the point I knew I needed them in my life!

I headed into town on Saturday and picked up 3 products from Boots where they currently have makeup products on 3 for 2. I walked up the the Maybelline stand and my heart dropped, they had none - only the testers! I wandered around for a little bit, moaning to the boyfriend about how could they not have any of the actual product when, in front of me at the end of an aisle, gliting under the artificial light was the stand of new products! Had it not been so busy I woulds have squealed and done a little dance of joy.

I picked up these 3 colours:
L - R Permanent Taupe, Eternal Gold, Turquoise Forever

Turquoise Forever - This one is very bright for me, however I plan to use this as a liner as I think it will make my eyes pop more, especially when I have a tan.

Permenent Taupe - This is the reason I wanted to pick these up as its a great matt taupe colour with a slight purple undertone. It blended really well on the skin, and I have tried it as an eyebrow gel and they stayed put all day! The colour would work as a crease colour as well as a liner.

Eternal Gold - Trust me to pick up the damaged one :( I love a good gold shadow, especially for in the summer and this one would make a lovely inner corner colour to make a smokey eye summer friendly!

I haven't tried these yet on my eyes as I got them after I shopped my stash this week but I think they will be used over the weekend. For £4.99 each and on 3 for 2, I think I will head back and pick up the rest of the colours. I love the presentation of the product however I do have a gripe with Maybelline and their glass pots as it means you can't always get the product out if using fingers without digging your nail in, plus when the pot is nearly finished its a right pain to get the last out! 

I might try and do some work appropriate looks with these in the coming weeks?!

What do you think? Have you bought any yet, how have you found them?

Thanks for reading xx

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