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Sunday, 25 March 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #11

Evening lovelies, how gorgeous has this weekend been!?! This weeks been a bit of a drag, but as ever there have been ups and downs.


  • The weather has been gorgeous! All week the kids have been out enjoying it and it puts everyone into a good mood which is nice
  • Its the last week before the Easter holidays which means 2 weeks off plus then only 14 weeks until the summer holidays!
  • Today my gorgeous friend had her gorgeous baby christened. It was a short catholic service and then over to a community centre for the bit after. It was nice to see her again as well as meeting some of her family.


  • The dreaded low self esteem and body image has struck again. Woke up feeling great and then took OOTD pictures and decided I looked like a whale in a dress so those pictures will never see the light of day. I need to get tough with myself, this weight needs to come off!
  • I did something really stupid this week. Frustration with school has taken its toll on me and so I headed to the gym to clear my head and ended up punching the reaction trainer at the wrong angle and ended up damaging my knuckle. A trip to A&E showed that there are no breaks but sadly the frustration hasn't gone away yet.
  • Two more members of staff have decided that they no longer can work at our school. Its hard as we know we are a good school but sadly OFSTED have come in and made some massive demands and now we have lost 6 teachers just this year. This puts massive pressure on the rest of us :(

 I probably have more ups and downs from this week but if I listed everything then this would be mega long. Also thought I would link you my Instagram pictures from this week. 

- Swatching Maybelline Colour Tattoos, New Sunnies, My poorly hand, The boy playing with the wash basket.

How was your week? Thanks for reading xx

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  1. ow your hand looks so painful! I hope it gets better soon x


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