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Sunday, 4 March 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #8

Afternoon lovelies, is it really Sunday evening already! 


  • Yesterday one of my best friends from home got engaged! I've known her since we were 3 and even though we now live 100 miles apart when we get back together nothing has ever changed, but I am so happy for her. We even said when we met up at half term that she would be first!
  • Yesterday was a good day, it was nice to go on a friend date with my friend from work - it was great to have a catch up and a nice meal out. Her exciting news was that they are getting their daughter christened in a few weeks which is great as baby is so cute!
  • Finally went and spent some money yesterday. All the bills are paid for this month so what's left is mine to play with - but I didn't go too crazy so will do a haul post soon to show you!
  • I've had a nice relaxing weekend, I've had no work to do all weekend for school so I've gone round and got all the jobs I need to done as well as taking the time to take lots of pictures for the blog and read some blogs and magazines!


  • Although its been nice to have the weekend to myself, its also been quite lonely as the boy has been away but he's back soon and promised to take me egg hunting around London next weekend!
  • From Wednesday until today I've been really ill. Think I had tonsillitis which really knocked me out, and its taken until today to feel back to normal again.

It's not been a bad week really, and now I'm going to go and order a takeaway before the Just to Dance final tonight on Sky1 at 6!

How was your week? 

Thanks for reading xx

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