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Tuesday, 20 March 2012

Recent Buys - Magazines, New Look, Boots & Lush

Evening lovelies, Wednesday again, woohoo!!!

At the weekend I found my camera cable which meant I could pull off some pictures that were stuck on there! At the start of the month I did a bit of shopping and picked up a few bits, but there are loads of things I want!

 Stocked up on magazines!

Three Knit Tops from New Look in the Sale

Real Techniques Blush Brush, Benefit Hervana, 17 Cosmetics Nail Polish - all from Boots

OPI Ink - found this in Trade Secret

Leap Frog, Madame Butterfly, Karma Bubble Bar - from Lush

This was only 3 weeks ago but already I have fallen in love with all of these things, I need to get some reviews of bits up soon, any requests?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. Liking your buys, I also got Cosmo this month, but with the cream, might buy another copy as the cream is really good. x

  2. What is Hervana like? Can you do an up close review of it? Always keen for a bit of Benefit or the Me me me equivalent ;) - Beauty, Clothes, Tips, General Stuff


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