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Sunday, 18 March 2012

This Weeks Ups & Downs #10

Evening lovelies, hope your well and the weekend has been a good one for you?!


  • Spring is on its way - the blossom is out, the daffodils are here and I have frog spawn in a bowl in my classroom! The kids love looking at them every day, I was shocked when a lot of the teachers at school told me they had never seen any!

  • Finally found my fitness mojo again. This week I've managed to spin twice, Shred most days this week ( I can't seem to get into a routine with this) and I'm booked onto 6 classes next week! So I'm back trying to get into some sort of shape. Question is would you like to see a photo diary of my progress?
  • Finally dyed my hair again, back to bright red. I've ummed and arrghed all week about doing it as I can't decide if I'm missing my natural colour but now I've done it I love the red again!
  • Superficial I know but my skin is finally clearing up, I've switched up my skin care and gone back to an old favourite product which I will review later on.
  • Things are slowly settling down at school so I'm getting a life back. I can get back to the gym as well as blogging more which puts us all into a good mood!


  • The weather's been poop this week so my clothes choices at school have stuck to trousers - I feel like I've kinda lost my identity since I started working because we have to look semi-professional, but working with children means I need to be decent! I can't wait to go through my wardrobe at some point and start really getting back to what I used to be like!

  • Although work has settled down, its still pretty tough going and a lot of times I've wanted to quit but I get through it and just get my head down.

So there's my week, an uneventful one really but then thats how I like it! I've got lots more posts planned for this week so keep checking back for those!

How was your week?

Thanks for reading xx

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  1. I haven't seen frog spawn for years!
    I like the idea of a photo diary showing how you're doing, it'll be inspirational for us as readers and for you too x


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