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Friday, 9 December 2011

Advent Door 9 - Soap and Glory Scrub Your Nose in it

Evening all, second post as I forgot to schedule yesterdays!

I'm on a mission this winter to improve the condition of my skin. I've cut down on all the rubbish I eat and drink and tried to pick up my skin care routine again. This is something that I love to use to freshen up my skin when it's feeling really greasy and clogged up.

Soap and Glory's Scrub Your Nose in it is a fresh minty scented facial scrub with quite fine exfoliating grains in it so it's gentle enough to use on a regular basis to remove dead skin. It also works well as a mattifying face mask, left on for a few minutes to dry up excess oil.

As I have a Clarisonic, I don't often use this as a scrub, but I do use it twice a week to sort out my shiny skin, or just as a treat in the morning before work - it makes you an attractive shade of green!!!

I've had this ages and hardly need to use much as its quite thick, so an inexpensive great!

You can get this from Boots for £7.50 for 125ml, and I really think everyone should give it a try, so why not stop by Boots and pick some up, especially as its on 3 for 2 at the moment!

So what do you think, let me know

Thanks for reading xx

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  1. Anything that helps reduce oil or mattify the skin is a win in my book - I wil definitely be trying this out :) xxx

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