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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Advent Door 21 - Handmade Goodies

Morning lovelies, how exciting is it, only 4 more days!!! Currently I'm heading up North to my parents house in Lincoln to spend the first half of Christmas there! 

So I've been on the search for personal, individual gifts for people that have a handmade feel. Instead of buying something made by someone else, I made my own! 

How cute are these! Now I'm not the best with a needle and thread but I'm pretty proud and they were so easy to make! So here's my quick step by step in case you want to know how to make them:

You will need:
Wonder web (you don't need this!)
Wadding - you can get all of this from Hobby craft or off Ebay

1) Cut a template out of card and draw around it twice onto the back of your material.

2) Carefully cut out the shapes carefully.
3) Put your shapes with the pattern inside so that the thread is hidden when we turn it inside out. Using your thread, carefully sew around the edge, leaving a hole at the top about 4 cm wide

 4) Once you have sewn around the edge of the shapes, tie it off and then push your shape through gently.

4) Now you should have a cute shape, don't worry if it doesn't look quite as you want it, we are about to give it some curves! 

 5) Tear off bits of wadding and stuff your shape using as much as you want until it looks nice and curvy. Make sure you spread it all out so there are no gaps.

6) Take your ribbon and form a loop. Sew it into the gap, sewing the hole up and then tie it off - this should give you the shape you want.

7) Customise it how you want. I have a bag of random buttons that I use. Don't worry if it doesn't look perfect, its meant to look handmade! 

You can then use it to decorate your tree or as little give tags on presents. I have made L shape ones for my niece and nephew to add a fun touch, or wrapped it around presents for my family!

So why not have a go, its not to late to make some for this Christmas. Its a great activity for chilling out in front of the TV or doing with children!

Let me know if you have a go, thanks for reading xx

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  1. these are so cute, what a lovely idea! Also you could put lavender in them so people could use them as scented drawer thingies (know what I mean?) afterwards!
    also, thanks ever so for letting me know about being the OPI winner! yay!
    Have a lovely christmas 'oop norf' xxxxxx


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