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Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Advent Door 7: NOTD Topshop Adorenment

Evening lovelies!

Today is door 7, which I'm quite excited for!

Today is another Topshop polish, and its a real beauty! 

Adornment is a rainbow of holographic glitter suspended in a purple tinted sheer polish. I wore mine layered over Models Own Purple Rain to ensure that you can see the rainbow glitters.

Now this was a bit of a labour of love, I originally painted this over my nails without a base colour and it took forever to dry and ended up looking awful and because I put so many layers on it stayed tacky for ages and smudged.

Layering it over a colour was better, however it still remained tacky for ages which really annoyed me as I ended up smudging it even an hour later!!!

I think this is something I will bring out for special occasions as I think it looks great, just wish it was a bit easier to work with!

What do you think, a cute glitter for December!

Thanks for reading xx


  1. This looks amazing! Shame it's a pain to apply though! xx

  2. I want this, and badly! Might go to toppers after work tomorrow!!
    I always watch a film when I do my nails, and use seche vite which dries so fast its untrue, so fingers crossed it isnt toooo much of a pain!
    (ps, i kinda gave up on the old eating healthy thing, so cold and neeed pie/hot chocolate/pudding, how are you doing?)

  3. Oo this is pretty! I need to have this polish, even if its a pain.


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