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Friday, 30 September 2011

Friday Fitness - Wii Fit

Afternoon all, hope your well. I've had no time this week to do any blogging so this is the first post where I have some energy to do it!

This week I wanted to look at the role of home entertainment as a means of weight loss. I'm focusing in on the Wii Fit as this is one of the things that I have at home!

For people who don't know, the Wii Fit is a game which has been developed by nintendo to encourage people to get regular exercise through fun activities, perfect if you hate the gym or the thought of exercising in public. Through small, differentiated challenges you are encouraged to move just a bit more ad are rewarded with new levels opening. It also comes with a built in personal trainer who talks you through some of the more toning exercises. Using the Wii Fit board, your weight and BMI can be worked out and tracked each week, and its quite fun to work out your Wii Fit age and try and reduce it! 

Personally, I don't think this helps me to burn calories and lose weight, but then I exercise quite a lot, however if you are returning to exercise then this would break you in gently. Its quite nice to use it to track weight loss, and it is an incentive to burn more when you see the little graph go down! 

Over all this is an expensive method, however if you already have one but have forgotten about it until now then why not get it back out. Its fun and everyone can be involved!

Until next time, thanks for reading xx

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