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Friday, 7 October 2011

Friday Fitness: Choosing the right gym

Evening all, hope your well and looking forward to the weekend! 

Yesterday my boyfriend text me to say he has signed up to a gym in London to use when he's on his lunch break, his reasons for choosing this gym... the price! This got me do you choose a gym thats right for you?

There are 3 types of gym people:

1.The gym bunny - at the gym to work out to fit
2.The gym addict - there every day, fitness is key!
3.The 'if I must' - has to be there in order to eat 

Choosing a gym that fits all theses people in can be tricky, so decide which category you fall into.

For me, a gym needs to have a spacious gym where I can be left alone with my thoughts and music, as well as offering me a range of classes and the option to swim if I want to.

Before you sign up for the gym, have a look online, what reviews can you find? Are any of the reviews negative? Next book a visit and have a walk round, are you shown all the facilities? This is your point to ask lots of questions, especially about costings.

Top questions:
1. If I go away, can I suspend my membership?
2. What charges are there for missing a class?
3. How do I book classes?
4. What discounts can I get? ( I get a discount because I work for a council as a teacher!)
5. Will the price increase?

It's really important that the gym fits you and your lifestyle, are you going to be able to use the gym on a regular basis or do the class times clash with your timetable!

Take your time as its a lot of money and a big commitment! I hope this helps.

Thanks for reading xx

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