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Thursday, 8 September 2011

Friday Fitness - The Gym

The gym, the two words that inspire such a wide range of emotions. The faces people pull at you that tells you that they are non gym going folk, and they feel sorry for you. 'I can imagine nothing worse...' is something I hear so much when people ask what I'm doing that evening.

The gym doesn't have to be a place if torture, where men go to get fit and women go so they can eat.

As someone who is fairly self conscious of how I look, and how others see me, the idea of spending an hour in the torture chamber, looking like a bright pink hippo is something that really puts me off. I always seem to get to the gym at the same time as the good looking people, those who exercise for fun and enjoyment.

Once you get past the door it really isn't that bad. There are 3 types of gym goer. The 'gym bunny' the 'class addict' and the 'would rather be anywhere else in the world than here.' I used to think I fell into the last category, I hated the gym, but if I wanted to have pudding then I had to serve my time.

In the gym, the resistance machines scared me, the cardio machines gave me visions of flying off backwards and the free weights were a no go area.

That was until I had a proper gym induction. Yes the finding out my true weight was awful, especially as the instructor was a good looking man! However once he showed me how to create a work out program for myself and how to use the machines, I was well away!

I've now been attending regularly for nearly 6months and feel so much better walking into the gym!

It's really important to get a good quality induction, it helps you to feel better about being in the gym as well as keeping you safe. A good induction should include a discussion of your goals, a walk around the gym and help with creating a routine, especially when using machines you are unsure of ( resistance machines :S)

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