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Friday, 16 September 2011

Friday Fitness: Les Mills Body Pump

Afternoon all, hope this post finds you well, I'm very thankful to be at the end of the week, only 5 weeks until half term!

Today I thought I would bring you one of my favourite gym classes, Les Mills Body Pump.

Les Mills is a range of fitness classes which most fitness centres will run. They combine music with a range of routines, both cardio and resistance based. I have tried most of the classes, and I do many of them during the week. I have reviewed the Body Jam class here, and it is the class I most look forward to.

Of the other classes, Body Pump is a class that many people are put off by, because it is a weights based class which sounds scary if you have never tried weights before.

Body Pump consists of multiple routines, each one targeting a different muscle group. The music is often current chart music, and I often have to stop myself singing out loud.

On your first session, the instructor will check you have all your equipment, advising you on weight choices, as well as checking for any injuries.

You start with a light weight on the bar for the warm up which covers the whole body, and from there move onto the individual muscle groups. Through out the session the instructor is modelling what to do, and often moves about to check you have the correct position so as you dot injure yourself.

With each new track comes a new weight selection, the bigger the muscle group, the heavier the weights need to be. There is also the use of the step and the floor for some routines.

Pump is a class for everyone, young, old, male, female, infact the class I attend is mostly women!

At the end of the class, the cool down is very much deserved, and I defy anyone not to ache the next day, walking up and down stairs really hurts! As the weeks go on, you can add more weights to your bar for each routine, but be warned this does increase the pain the next day!

Body Pump offers a medium intensity work out that will burn calories during the class, an will rev up the metabolism and muscles to carry on burning calories after the class. Shaping up muscles, losing the layer of fat and adding definition is also a given from this class, but don't expect instant washboard stomach!

I really enjoy this class, and would encourage you to try it really! What do you think, are there any other classes you want to know about?!

Thanks for reading xx

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