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Monday, 5 September 2011

Lee Stafford - I Hate My hair the day it's Washed

Afternoon all, hope your well. Now I'm back at work, I'm trying to get into a routine of blogging again as I have less time but lots of things to blog about!

I hate my hair the day it's washed, it's frizzy and full of static that will straighten for all of 20mins but as soon as I leave the house, I can feel the frizz starting again and I might as well have not bothered!

In desperation to find something that would allow me to do what I wanted with my hair the day I was it I went hunting around Boots. I was actually going to buy something else but saw this and picked it up and thought I would give it a try!

It comes in Lee Staffords signature punk bottles and also contains the signature scent which I totally love! Your advised to spray this onto damp hair, brush it through and then blow dry. Straight away I noticed that my hair was less static as I was drying it, and even started to fall as I wanted. When I straightened it, there was no need for me to go back over it a thousand times and it just looked and felt more manageable!

Now it's not going to keep your hair dead straight if like me you have a natural curl, but it does give you a more lived in look! Drying and styling time is reduced and if you do curl your hair, it does help hold the curls for longer!

For the price of £6.19 you get 200ml which is quite good but I go through it quite quickly so I try to use less then is needed. As with most Lee Stafford products, I really like this, and think it's the only product I have found of it's kinds that really does help! Currently Boots have it on offer for 3 products for £12, instore and online! 

What do you think, do you hate your hair the day it's washed?

Thanks for reading xx

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  1. Ooo i'll have to give this a go! I love lee stafford products!
    Lucy x


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