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Saturday, 3 September 2011

NOTD - Miss Guided Nailpolish in Orange

Afternoon all, with the summer rapidly fading into autumn, I thought I needed to try and inject some colour into my life.

This polish is from Miss Guided and was free with Cosmopolitan magazine a couple of months ago, but when first bought it, I didn't really fancy wearing it as I'm not naturally drawn to bold colours.

It's a gorgeous orange that reminds me of the colour of Orange Soda from the show Kenan and Kel (if anyone remembers that!) It's defiantly a reddy orange which isn't too bright so it's a good colour for autumn if you fancy a pop of brightness!

It applied really well with no mess or fuss. It dried quickly and was super shiny after two coats without a top coat. It wore really well for nearly a week with no base or topcoat (I rushed!) and there was only minor tip wear when it did start to go.

You can buy this from the Miss Guided website for the grand sum of £5 which I think is good value really.

What do you think, do you normally go for bright colours of not?


  1. I love bright nail colours, but find that in the autumn/winter I veer towards more vampy shades. I got the blue Missguided polish with Cosmo when they had them as gifts and now with that I'd gotten the orange one! May well have to order it online!

    Steph xx

  2. This colour is gorgeous, its so bright!
    Lucy x


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