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Friday, 9 September 2011

Friday Fitness -Exercise vs Diet

Afternoon all, hope your well, it's nearly the weekend!

Today I was having a discussion with a friend at work about our weight loss goals for the next 6 months. She's a mum of two who works full time, and I'm a full time teacher with free time and and an addiction to crisps.

We were talking about diet and exercises plans. We're both on Weight Watchers, however have different attitudes towards exercise.

Weightloss is a result of a calorie deficiency within the body, and the body turns to it's fat stores to find stored fat which it can use
to provide energy for basic needs. A deficit can be created in two ways, be reducing calorie input or burning more calories, but you knew that.

The benefits of diet a lone is that you force the body into a steady adaption, as it has to find energy from the bodies energy stores. This gives you a chance to mentally adapt to the change aswell. A down side to this is you often feel you are on a diet, and mental resolve will fade, or you will plateau at some point.

Exercise is a more rapid adaption as you increase the amount of calories you need to perform those actions. People often see this as an instant method and it takes time for the body to adapt, with weight loss coming from the top of the body down. It's also easy to push your body into survival mode, if you are not eating well enough to support the exercise, and you will simply store more fat!

A combination of both is ideal. By making smart food choices, combined with a range of exercises, both cardio and resistance, weightless will become a regular thing, in smaller, steady quantities. And in the long run you will be fitter both physically and mentally!

So we are doing an experiment. We have the same amount of points each week, and both track on line, but I also exercise, and she doesn't and we will see who loses the most weight and inches!

Thanks for reading

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