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Monday, 25 November 2013


Yes, finally after saving solidly for 4year, we have found our first home!

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It's a dinky, 2 bed, ground floor maisonettes on a purpose built area with a communal garden.

I wanted to tell you about this quite a few weeks ago, but couldn't as things went a tad wrong but its all sorted now.

At first, we were looking at getting a mortgage as part of the Government's 5% deposit scheme, we had the appointment and were given a promise of a mortgage. So I booked up a couple of viewings for the following week. We went on the Monday, saw the flat and decided to put an offer in the next day - it was love at first sight! Our offer was accepted straight away so we were chuffed.

We went back to the bank on the Saturday where we then put a full application through. We were assured that there would be no issues, however by the Monday something was wrong. A week later we found out we had been rejected, so the rush was on to get a new mortgage. A quick call to a broker and we were going through the process with Natwest, 2 weeks later we officially have a mortgage! 

I'm planning on putting together a series of home buying posts as one of the things I've found so hard is what to do next. Both our parents bought their homes a long time ago so the system is very different. When we needed to ask questions, no one was able to give us the answer so I've decided to put this together, from offer to moving in, if you have any questions you want me to address then please let me know or email them to me and I will do my best.

I'm excited for this next chapter in our lives, hopefully I will be able to show you some more pictures soon!

Yay for new house!!! Xx


  1. Congratulations! I love brick houses!

  2. congrats! sounds like a great post, I could definitely use the advice

  3. Yes please im going to start saving this year but have no idea about buying a house and really want to know more about that government scheme!

  4. Congratulations, that is so exciting :) Me and my boyfriend are hoping to move in to our first place in the New Year :) xx

  5. Awwwwww congratulations lovely lady!!!!! It will be worth the 4 year wait :)

    Holly Mixtures


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