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Friday, 1 November 2013

No Spend November

Ok, so today hasn't been a good day. Firstly I planned to go shopping and realised when in the shop that I had left my card at home. Next up, we had a bank break their promise and reject us for a mortgage - fingers crossed we have our whole family helping us but its so frustrating!

So with that in mind and the potential that we will be moving and Xmas is coming, I'm embarking on a month of no spending for November.

Anything you see on the blog between now and November 30th has either been bought before I started this, or I already own or have been gifted it, don't worry, I won't turn to stealing anything!

I also will be doing a bathroom Project 10 to try and use up lots of products that are kicking about before Xmas - that post will go up next week at some point!

The one thing I'm dreading is missing out on nail polish collections that are coming up - Essie I'm looking at you! What would you miss if you did a spending ban? xx

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  1. I am trying to be on a no buy and all the new collections coming out are so tempting. I am looking at the Essie collection, of which I had already purchased Perfect Parka and Toggle To The Top a couple of weeks ago. So I am passing by all the beautiful L'Oreal's out now and the Zoyas too. Sally Hansen has some gorgeous Triple Shine polishes out too and I am walking right on by. Knowing they are not limited edition I console myself that I can always get them "later".


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