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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Makeup Shakeup #19


Week 1 of school down, only 6 weeks left until Xmas holidays. 1st full week of No Spend November and it hasn't gone too bad, I managed to walk through Boots today without imploding, but the need for warmer clothes is growing as the temperature drops. I'm also having a massive sort through of my make up stash so this weeks picks are some really old bits that are on their last legs - can't wait to have these out of the collection!

- Maybelline Pure BB cream - I used this today and sadly I really disliked this today. A lovely tinted moisturiser, but it does naff all for coverage or my red cheeks are the moment. I'm mixing this with a more full coverage foundation, not pictured as it wont last the week as its a sample.
- Benefit It Stick - A good concealor, very cream and works well under the eyes and a few more pesky spots that need it. I do like this as I can throw it in my makeup bag and then touch up throughout the day.
- 17 Vintage Love Palette - lots of neutral shimmers, I love this for every day smokey eye, an oldie but I've just started to hit pan on a couple of the colours.
- Avon GlimmerStick - a twist up eyeliner, I started off my obsession with makeup at Avon so it's nice to revisit some old favourites.
- Bourjois 2en1 Mascara - I bought this as an emergency last Xmas when I realised I had left my makeup at home, its not a bad little mascara.
- Rimmel Scandaleyes Volume - Another mascara from the bottom of the stash, its time it got used up.
- Sleek Blush in Rose Gold - I love the pinky shimmer of this, lovely winter shade.
- Mac Harmony - Contour to the max, I do have some cheekbones somewhere! 
- Benefit Browzing - Does what it says on the tin.

This has turned into more of a, using up and getting rid makeup shake then normal but its the theme I'm working with at the moment - I need to get cleared out as I have so much stuff that is not needed or used, need to make room for Xmas bits and pieces! 

What have you picked for this week? xx 


  1. Ooh some fab products there, especially the Sleek Blush x

    Beautyqueenuk xx

  2. I completely agree about the Maybelline BB cream, it really doesn't cut it when it comes to coverage! I was so disappointed with it xx

    Angelica [One Little Vice]

  3. Sleek Rose Gold is such a beautiful blush! I absolutely love it x



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