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Monday, 14 November 2011

Soap and Glory Clean on Me

Morning lovelies, its Monday which means one week closer to Christmas, eekk!!

As its getting closer to the Xmas season I'm looking forward to the box of goodies that Soap and Glory bring out every year at Boots. I've had the box sets for that last two years and couldn't believe how much they were selling for on Ebay last year! 

This year their bringing out their biggest set yet and I am incredibly excited about this!

One of the products in the Big Splendour set is their huge bottle of Clean on Me cream shower gel.

You get a whopping 500ml of creamy shower gel with the distinctive Soap and Glory smell. This bottle has lasted for ages, literally 5months with two of us using it (yes even the boyfriend loves it!)

A really gentle shower gel that lathers up really well, leaving the skin clean and ready for moisturiser. And your skin doesnt have to wait long for moisturiser as it comes with a body lotion built in, leaving you clean and moisturised in one easy move!

For those of us who like an extra 5minutes in bed in the morning this is the ideal product.

You can get the 500ml product from Boots of £5.11 and its also currently part of the 3 for 2. Or you can get it as part of the Big Splendour kit which is currently £60 on the Boots website but I'm sure they will soon be offering it as a star product!

What do you think, have you tried and loved this product like me?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. It's my favourite shower gel! I recently got a Body Shop one and i'm trying to use it up so i can put a new S&G bottle in the shower! <3

  2. This is my favourite shower gel too - I love the trademark S&G scent and it moisturises my skin so well. For an extra treat, I sometimes will smother myself in The Daily Smooth after too, it leaves you smelling gorgeous!

    Charlotte xo


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