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Thursday, 17 November 2011

Glamour and Nails Inc

Morning ladies!

I'm sure everyone has seen the amazing freebies that Glamour have for us this month, I know that I had to hunt across Watford for just these two colours!

For the December issue, Glamour have treated us to a choice of 4 different Nails Inc colours

  • Basil Street - Soft Toffee Beige
  • Victoria - Dark Cherry Red
  • Picadilly Circus - Dark Pink
  • Tate - Warm Red
I managed to track down two of the colours, however I do own Basil street. I managed to get Victoria and Picadilly Circus.

Ok so I am incredibly sorry for the state of this manicure but this colour was a serious nightmare! This is two coats without a base coat of a gorgeous cherry red that is dark and Vampy, great for this time of year! As gorgeous as this polish is, I hated applying it. It was clear from the first coat that this wasn't going to go on easily, with some bits darker then others due to the thin formula! Even when try this still creased and marked and it showed tip wear after 18hours, not great when all I did in that time is sleep and go to the gym! I need to try this with a base coat to truly see how gorgeous this polish is.

Piccadiily Circus

Not my usual choice of colour but I think its love. This one applied better then Victoria, giving even coverage in two coats. Under a flash it is a gorgeous pink, and  in natural light or at night its a pinky toned purple. This held up better then Victoria as well, not marking or creasing, however there was some tip wear very early on which I'm disappointed by.

I am ashamed to admit that I have never bought a Nails Inc polish, instead recieving them as gifts or as freebies, I just can't justify the price tag as I've had some really bad experiances with Nails Inc before and its down to one of their manicurists that I have never had someone else do my nails since I was 11!

So there you go, two lovely polishes for the cost of £2 each - if you can find them then go and get some but I fear they are already sold out!!

What do you think?

Thanks for reading xx

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