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Wednesday, 2 November 2011

NOTD - Leighton Denny in Hanky Panky

Evening all, hope your well. It's half way through the week and I am so tired, plan to have a bath and a relax as soon as this is done! 

Today I have a nail post for you from a brand that I have never used before, more because of the price of the brand then because of the product. I give you Leighton Denny's Hanky Panky.

I received this polish in my October Glossybox and sadly I must say I am disappointed. I don't think that there is anything wrong with the product, its more about me!

The colour is a bright orange with a shimmery finish, with a nice smooth application, a good brush and a nice looking bottle. The problem lies in the finish of the product! I was expecting it to have a similar finish to OPI, however this one was streaky and bubbly and took ages to dry! 

For me the colour is not one I would normally pick, having seen other peoples posts I wish I had got one of the other ones :(

Leighton Denny polishes retail for £11.00 and from my very limited experiencing it would not have been worth the money had I bought it.

So there you go, another NOTD from a polish that didn't blow me away.

Thanks for reading xx

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