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Saturday, 26 November 2011

Christmas Weight Loss Challenge -Week 2

Evening lovelies, hope your well and have had a good start to your weekend.

Can you believe it's only 4 weeks until Xmas, this week has been really slow as I've been full of cold and it has really knocked me and my eating as I have just filled up on fresh orange juice and bread.

This weeks challenge was to eat a filling breakfast everyday and I managed to do this with the help of my wonderful boyfriend making it for me everyday!

So here it is, my week in breakfast:
Monday - One slice of toast with honey
Tuesday - One slice of toast with low fat peanut butter
Wednesday - One slice of toast and butter
Thursday - 30g of Rice Krispies with Semi-Skimmed milk
Friday - Boiled egg and toast
Saturday - 30g Cocopops with Semi-Skimmed Milk 

Eating breakfast has made me feel a lot better and kept me going until lunch which in turn stops me binging later in the day. As for weightloss I have managed to maintain this week which is fine as I've felt incredibly ill and only just starting to get better.

So this weeks challenge is all about protein. Having protein in your diet will help you keep fuller for longer which is something I need!

Great sources of protein are:
Lean meats
Peanut Butter

So this week I'm going to up my protein intake and reduce the carbs and hopefully will get back on track! 

How have you got on this week? I'd love to know what you've eaten and how you've done! Has it helped?

Thanks for reading xx


  1. I'm a big fat fail this week.... Actually managed breakfast twice, which was poached eggs on toast, not too bad but it was at about 10am, so not really breakfast as I started work at 7 those days... Today I went out for breakfast and had pancakes with bacon and maple syrup at an american diner, which was AMAZING... bit seeing as thats all I managed, probably not worth doing a post on!
    Protein is something I know I ought to eat more of, so i'll let you know how I get on!

    Hope you're okay? xx

  2. ahh good luck hun dieting is HARD i have lost 3 lbs this week totalling 8lbs so far. this weekend though was a total right off ahhh start again tomorrow!


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