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Sunday, 16 October 2011

Be Back Soon...

Morning all, hope your well.

I know my blogging has been a bit sporadic recently, but its about to get even worse! As a teacher there is one thing we all dread...Ofsted. My school knew we were due an inspection very soon but were all hoping that it would come later rather then sooner.

No such luck and we got the call on Friday that they will be with us on Tuesday. This has lead to all weekend plans scrapped, in school most of yesterday, working last night and I am now writing up lots of plans for next week as we don't know when they will observe us, they will simply walk into the lesson!

This week couldn't get much worse except that we also have parents evening Monday and Tuesday so I think it will be a long weekend and a late week to ensure we are totally ready! 

So I'm logging off blogger as its a total distraction, however I will keep tweeting my frustrations I'm sure! Normal service will resume hopefully before half term as I have lots of pictures taken but no posts written yet! 

All I need is for everyone to keep their fingers crossed for me! 

See you soon

Sarah xx


  1. Good Luck! We're due Ofsted at our school soon too! Grrr! xx

  2. ooh sounds very scary, good luck! Let us know how u get on! xx

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  3. Good luck with offsted! I have teacher friends so I know how stressful it is! (found you through bbloggers) xx


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