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Sunday, 9 October 2011

Soap and Glory Touch & Glow

Afternoon all, hope your well and enjoying what is left of the weekend.

I've been trying to have a bit of a clear out of my stash and find what products I've stashed away and need to use up. One of the products I found is Soap and Glory's Glow Job. 

Now I know that this picture shows that my tube is not Glow Job, however this is the same product, just with a new name ( this is an assumption, I'm not 100% sure of this)

As I've recently run out of my favourite foundation, I've been trying to find a way of cutting down on the products on I have and use. This is one of those products that can fall into two categories.

First up its a moisturiser. As a moisturiser it is great. It looks quite white when you first get it out of the tube, but it does sink in very quickly, leaving a dewy finish without looking greasy.

Secondly, its a bronzer. Inside the moisturise there are tiny white beads. When these bust, they contain a small amount of bronzer which adds colour to the skin without being over powering. It's easily blended into the skin, leaving a nice glow rather then an obvious tan.

One flaw in this is that the beads are not distributed evenly through the product, and so you can get some product with no beads in, and in others you might get too much.

The smell of this is amazing! It smells like oranges, very fresh and fruity without being too much.

For £9.00 you get 75ml which is quite expensive for a moisturiser, but as its two products in one then really its only £4.50 a product!

I think this is one that is more of a summer time product, or one for those who only want a very very light coverage from a product. You can get this from Boots, and I'm sure that it will be in a lot in the gift sets that will be available around Christmas.

So what do you think? A good multi product?

Thanks for reading xx

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