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Friday, 29 August 2014

The Britishtag

I've seen this tag floating around; mostly on YouTube but a few bloggers have started doing it so I thought I would give it a go. 

1) How many cups of tea do you have a day? How many sugars? I am absolute Tea addict, I love tea, and I actually have gallons of the stuff. I must go through for five big mugs a day; it is a requirement for getting up in the morning plus making it through the day with the kids. I don't actually have any sugar in my tea because I find it too sweet but I do have quite weak with a lot of milk but I have to be able to drink it quickly at work.

2) Favourite part of your roast? I love a roast and I think it's on the best meals that we have here and in Great Britain. My favourite part if I had to pick would be probably Yorkshire Puddings, there's something about filling them with gravy and saving them till last! Other than that I do actually like roast parsnips, I know that they're not everyone's favourites but they are mine, there is just something about them!

3) Favourite dunking biscuit? That's easy one - rich tea biscuits if there aren't any rich teas then I would probably go with a ginger but biscuit.

4) Favourite quintessentially British pastime? I don't know if you call it a past time but it would probably be drinking tea. I don't know if that's a past time but it's the only one I can think of other then having a drink in a pub or going for a walk in the idea... Next question.

5) Favourite word? This is a really random word it's one of my favourites to say that I can't spell it and its flibbertigibbet. It basically means someone who is a bit whimsical in old English, I just like saying it sounds great. As well as that I love saying discombobulated!

6) Cockney rhyming slang? Being a northern I don't really use Cockney rhyming slang, any I do know come from TV and films but I know that being a 'tea leaf' is a thief and 'apples and pears' mean stairs and that's about it.

7) Favourite sweet? My favourite sweets are probably wine gums, I love them but I only like the red, orange and purple ones but I don't like the green or yellow ones so the boy has to put up with them always being left - I'm the same with fruit pastilles. 

8) What would your pub be called? I will probably have to name it after being a teacher and so call it ' The Teachers Inn' or maybe name it after Ted and call it 'The Dog House' or 'Ted's House'.

9) No1 British person? Number one British person probably have to be the Queen as she is very much an icon and is also very funny on Twitter. Other than that it would have to be John Cleese or any other actors from Monty Python or Rowan Atkinson.

10) Favourite shop? The one that probably takes most of my money would be Boots, after that I would say Topshop or New Look. 

11) What British song pops into your head? As a massive fan of Britpop as a kid I would have to say that Spice Girls or a bit of Madness can't beat baggy trousers or even Queen 'Don't stop me now is one of the best anthems ever.

12) Marmite? Just no!!

There are my answers to the tag, this was quite fun to do! I don't know how British they make me but this is who I am - do you agree with any of my answers?

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