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Saturday, 30 August 2014

Saturday Shopping #2 - Next British Bake Off

Next British Bakeoff Inspired Collectio

I think it's fair to say that as a nation we have been gripped by Bake Off fever, I find myself thinking of making biscuit creations and melting middle puddings at the most inappropriate of times, and the only cure seems to be baking or purchasing everything needed to make the perfect Mary Berry cake.

So this weekend I'm off to pick up some new bits for our kitchen, first stop on my list is Next. We're very lucky in Watford as we have a store with a fantastic home section and I love wandering around, picking out bits for our house.

On my list are some new tea towels, we seem to ruin tea towels, I think Ted plays with them in the night, so I need some new ones and I love the check pattern of these ones. To go with the tea towels is this really cute set of oven gloves, who doesn't love a tartan pig! Along with these bits, I love the spotty bin, not that I need a new kitchen bin but I do like this one. Finally as a cute pick are these owl stacking mugs. I love these as they are small and compact so would take up little space in our small kitchen as well as adding character.

Something I have always wanted is a Kitchenaid - all the cute pastel colours, but the price has always put me off. This version is a lot friendlier on the purse but still has the look of the more expensive make. To go with the mixer a bread maker is on the list, I love fresh homemade bread, but the time it takes means I don't often make it, but a breadmaker would probably help with my current baking need.

Now I just need to decide which is the first item to buy. Which bits would you pick? xx

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