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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Wobble-Less Wednesday - The Protein Works Haul

That beach holiday is fast approaching, so I've stepped up the exercise, but we all know that Abs are made in the kitchen and not in the gym, so I needed to sort out my food - especially my protein intakes!

I've had protein from the Protein Works before, I used their Diet Whey in Strawberry, but I fancied a change, plus they've released loads of new products recently as well!

I picked three items to boost my protein. First up is the Whey Protein 80 in Butterscotch Ripple. The 1kg pack cost me £17.99 for 40 servings. I used this after the gym this morning & OMG it tastes awesome! Like Butterscotch Angel Delight, already it's love.

Next I grabbed a tub of the Peanut Butter. It's a mahoosive 1kg tub for £5.99, this will last me ages, I've already caught the boy stealing some for his toast! This is the Super Crunchy tub, it contains nut pieces, but is very creamy & gloopy, great on toast or a spoon!

Finally I couldn't resist a packet if Beef Jerky. As a high protein, low fat & carb snack, it's great just for a little boost during the day. There are three flavours, I picked the Original but next time I fancy the Teriyaki flavour. For £2.99 you get 50g, you only need a little bit. The only thing I would change is a small re-sealable bag, but then a sandwich bag does a good enough job.

All of these cost me under £30 with postage, I paid £1.99, placed the order Monday & received it today! Fantastic service!!!

Now I need to head out again, back to the gym for round two, can't wait to have another shake afterwards!

If you fancy trying any of these, or any of the other great products then head over to Protein Works & use SNACK20 to get 20% off protein powder when you pick up the snack bars! This is next on my list!

What do you do to get more protein? How's your beach body coming along? Xx


  1. I try to eat a lot of protein too, but since I don't eat meat I rely a lot on protein powders and egg whites. I will have tuna every now and again.

  2. Found this post really helpful - thankyou!
    I've been looking for some protein that comes in more interesting flavours than the normal; chocolate, banana, strawberry and vanilla too!
    Angie x


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