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Monday, 29 July 2013

NOTD - Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly in Mango

It's a sad day as I write this - I have broken not one, but two nails below the nail line, so I'm having to dig into old NOTD pics as I can't bear the shame of my nails so short! 

NOTD - Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly in Mango

Looking through the pics, I realised I had another Barry M to share. I picked up Mango along with a few others a while ago, whacked it on & found it all a bit 'meh'. This shocked me as its been love for the others.

NOTD - Barry M Hi-Shine Gelly in Mango
You see, there's nowt wrong with the colour, a truly bright creamy orange, very true to a real orange, not so much mango but I shall overlook that. It applied just as well as the other colours, with the same good brush but there's where the positives end.

It seemed to be opaque after two coats, but the next morning I stepped into sunlight and could see the streaky finish, not dragging, just an uneven finish. Also it chipped under 24hrs, not a happy bunny, especially when it wasn't like I did anything out of the ordinary, plus it isn't as shiny as the others! Instead of the hi-shine finish, this is more of a dulled cream finish compared to the others which isn't a terrible thing but I hate having to apply extra topcoats just to make it shiny!

I think I need to have a play, but for £3.99 I'm not worried really, think I'll whack this on my toes for my holibobs.

What do you think? Loving Mango? Xx

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  1. Aww it's a shame this didn't have a better finish - the colour is so stunning!

    I love orange for the Summer :)

    Holly Mixtures


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